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Moving Day – What do I do?
Now that you have purchased your new home it is now time to start packing and making some very important decisions.  Even though it seems so fall away the day will quickly arrive.  Remember be ready so you will have no surprises.

Getting ready for moving day:

  • Contact a reputable mover and go over all of the cost and details of the move, make sure that you are explained all of the parts of the contract.  Know any penalties for cancellation and if you have to reschedule the move for any un foreseen circumstances.
  • Find out from your lawyer how the key process works, will you pick up the keys at the condominium or from your lawyer.
  • Set up all utilities to your name, gas, hydro, water, telephone and cable
  • Check list time – make a list of all your items before they are packed sometimes thing break or go missing you want to be ready in the event you have to file a claim with the insurance.
  • Insure your new home – a lot of time we forget the obvious
  • Register you children at the new school
  • Use up any perishable food items as you do not what to have to through things out later.  You do not want to have food items spoil.
  • Locate all of the items important places you might need – schools, places of worship, playground and activity centres for you or your children.
  • Canada post is to be contacted and fill in a change of address card
  • Change address for credit card companies, and any delivers you have
  • Change your driver’s licence and ownership to your new address.

It’s moving day

  • The first thing to remember is to make the children part of the move.  Do not ship them out and then bring them to a new home.  Moving is very stressful on children – have them be part of the move.
  • Walk around the house and make sure that all of the closets and cupboards are empty.
  • All important documents are to come with you and not go into the moving truck. This would include passports, jewellery, insurance policies etc.
  • Keep some of the toys for the children separate so they can keep busy as you un pack in the new house.
  • Separate all items which you might need on moving day in a separate place.
  • Use strong boxes for all of you items and purchaser special boxes from your moving company for your wardrobe and fragile items.
  • Do not overload any of the boxes and you do not want anything to be damaged including the moving crew.
  • Try to pack all of the original audio equipment in the original boxes if you have them.  Label and tape all screws to the equipment which they belong to.
  • Label each box and indicate the following: Which room does it go to, is it fragile, and does it go into the truck first or last.  Remember first into the truck is last out.
  • Package with care you do not want anything to break.
  • If you are going to reuse any carpets and drapes make sure that you have them all cleaned.
  • Finally take all your medicines for you and your family with you.  You do not want to be scrambling for medicine when you get to your new home.