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The classic dictionary definition of “home” refers to the dwellings in which people live. But the concept of “home” is so much more than a house to place one’s belongings.

When Chestnut Hill Developments was founded in 1981, it was with the philosophy that people want to live in inviting, master-planned communities where they can play as well as live, and even sometimes work. They want to enjoy top-quality homes in beautiful surroundings where children can ride their bikes and neighbours can interact – communities that are people friendly rather than vehicle focused, and that exist harmoniously with the rest of the area.

Our philosophy is to deliver what people want with integrity and topnotch service, in low-rise, high-rise and mixed-use communities, and that means changing with the times. We have always been at the forefront of this consumer-oriented approach to home building and design. When we develop a vision for what a piece of residential property can become, we also listen carefully to what our markets are asking for, and we meld the two concepts. Our vision includes meticulous attention to detail, superior features, exciting amenities and excellent craftsmanship, using the latest in technology and design advancements. This dynamic approach has served us and our customers well.

We continue in our commitment to deliver fine locations, design and value in communities that are planned with careful thought. Over the years, our solid reputation for providing consumer-oriented caring as well as superb homes has earned us the trust of thousands of homeowners. Simply put, we place doing what is right for the consumer at the forefront of everything we do.

At Chestnut Hill Developments, we take pleasure and pride in designing and building communities that stand the test of time, and are considered “home” by residents for generations to come.