Design Studio

Design Studio

Preparing for Your Colour Appointment

Colour selection time is a time to make the home you bought fit into your lifestyle and taste.

What a new home purchaser should consider at the time of colour selection.

  • In order to have you go through the process smoothly we have a well-trained design team to help you out.
  • Any designer features which you have selected for your new home will be installed by our team of experts making sure that it is done right and to your expectations
  • Remember that any designer feature which has been selected at the time of colour selection has will be covered as part of your warranty
  • Depending on your site and the financial institution and/or the amount of the mortgage you might be able to increase your mortgage in order to add your additional designer feature into your mortgage. Restrictions do apply and each case is assessed on and individual basis.

We have included a work sheet in order to help you go through some of the features.

  • For Purchasers Only

Please remember that we will not be able to accommodate all of your requests but will do our best to make sure that we can do as many as possible.

Help Me Make It Through The Chart

Some of the times you will need assistance on.

  • If you are upgrading your appliances please make sure that we are provided with the measurements so we can make changes to the kitchen.  Remember that there might be an additional cost for the kitchen changes
  • Make sure to remember to bring in a cheque to pay for any upgrades, or advise that the amount is to be added to your purchase price (certain conditions do apply), as an amendment will be required. All upgrades are paid for upfront at the time of colours.